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Welcome to ISF Counselling !


by Rumi


by Socrates

Welcome to ISF Counselling Website!

I am Iwona S Florainowicz, counsellor and registered psychotherapist.

If you decided to visit my website, I'm guessing that one of the reason might be that you have been thinking about making some changes in your life.

Please take your time looking into this site...learn about me and the services I provide. This will provide you an inside about the way I work with adolescents and adults.

"Anything is possible once you choose HOPE"

My Philosophy

I believe that each individual has innate ability and creativity to find the best way or solution to deal with life challenges. Therefore, every aspect of the self is important; as a therapist I am taking a journey with you to help you feel that you are not alone, feel safe, accepted and valued. Expressing your concerns, struggles or deeply distressing experiences can be empowering and help you to understand how you got to this point of life, how life long experiences have shaped you the way you are today; and how you can find the best way to become whole.

I hold that counselling and psychotherapy is the art of profound human experience that helps people to deepen their self-understanding,  help them in the process of self-growth and transformation and find the way to accept and connect with the self, as well as to resolve painful struggles, and move toward a more empowered and fulfilling life. To ensure this process, I strive to work with each unique individual by creating a space where they can feel welcome, respected, and non-judged; I employ empathy, listen to each client, and explore with them deeper meaning underlying their concerns. I  challenge and empower clients in the process of change.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is often called a “talk therapy,” that involves a series of confidential conversations between a counsellor and a client. Counselling often focuses on a specific problem or concern brought by the client during the initial consultation. The subsequent counselling sessions focus on collaborative work of establishing appropriate steps to be taken to address or to find a way to solve the problem or concern. These are often discussed in the ''here and now'' moment of client's life, without too much attention on the role of the past experiences.

There is often a misconception about the role of a counselor as that of being or giving an advise - counselor rarely offer advice. Instead, counselor facilitates clients' process of discovering their own answers to their struggles or concerns, and helps clients to find a solution to their issues. Counselling is a supporting and empowering approach help clients take an appropriate action that fit their unique way of being. 

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy encompasses evidence-based interventions that are based on the effective treatment process to address and treat vast array of debilitating or distressing issues in individuals life. It is a healing relationship, similar to counselling, between a psychotherapist and a client. It often takes place over a series of sessions involving longer period of time - some clients engaging in psychotherapy on and off over several years.

Psychotherapy process can be challenging and involve engaging with overall behavioral patterns, chronic issues, and recurrent feeling. This process requires for a client and the therapist to establish an open, accepting, and strong therapeutic relationship that enables client to explore the past experiences and its impact on the client's overall well-being, daily functioning, and relationships. The aim of psychotherapy is to resolve the underlying issues that cause the client's ongoing struggles. Psychotherapist helps to resolve these past experiences by laying the foundation for a satisfying future for the individual.

Psychotherapist is open to and interested in wisdom from a variety of sources: the body- mind connection, the unconscious, the attachment we form with others, and the inner child, to name a few possibilities. Therapists are comfortable working with strong feelings, traumatic memories, and the therapeutic relationship.

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