The initial psychotherapy session is primarily introductory where we discuss your goals or hopes for change by engaging in the collaborative discussion which will help us to decide on the best course of treatment. It is also an opportunity for you and me to decide if we are the best fit to work together, and if I can meet your expectations.

This represents a significant factor in healing process, that is, It is important that you as a client would feel heard and understood and have a sense about my approach to therapy, as well as getting clear expectations about collaboratively established goals and how would they be achieved.

Subsequent sessions unfold collaboratively based on your unique individuality, aspirations, needs, personal goals, and your life’s journey. In these sessions I work with you by inspiring, empowering, encouraging, and often challenging you to engage in healing process and do the actual work. In the healing process it is significant that you feel that you?can trust the therapeutic process and are completely open to any concerns, self-challenges, goals, and personal explorations. To ensure that you are able to be fully open and trust in the process of healing, I strive to create safe, accepting, respectful and emphatic environment, so that you can access your own innate wisdom and move towards better integration, self-growth, transition, and wholeness.



You have made the first step…You are here…I guess it’s because you are struggling with something that is causing you distress. You probably feel that you are alone and there is no one who understands what you are going through…or you have been going out of your mind to find the best way to deal or to cope with your distress, or you have been trying too hard to solve the problem you facing…or the concern related to your past is influencing the way you feel, think, and respond to all aspects of life or who you are.

You may be feeling depressed, isolated, disconnected, grief-stricken, emotionally overwhelmed, exhausted, confused or guilty and hopeless/helpless.

You may be thinking that the world is out to get you…that life is hard and cruel to you…that others don’t appreciate you or the things you do for them…or that no one ever gone love you…

Perhaps you worry about things in the future, things that have not happened yet, but these worries are constant and overwhelming that you feel anxious all the time.

You may be feeling tense in your body or experiencing chronic pain which has no medical causes which deprive you from fully engaging with social and pleasurable activities which you used to enjoyed very much.

Do you feel, perhaps, that things that happened in the past immobilize you, that your wounds are too painful to bear and you reliving them over and over again, and you feel that you don’t know how to heal and move forward in your life.

Perhaps, you facing relationship issues or work-related concerns and you feel that there is no way out or that you are stuck and you have exhausted all your resources to find solution to your problem.

Do you feel angry and don’t understand why? Your family or friends are constantly reminding you to do something about it, but you feel lost and confused and it makes you feel even more angry/irritated.

You may be feeling that what is going on for you is affecting your relationship with your family members, your children, coworkers, or friends.