Grief & Loss Counselling

Grief and Loss Counselling and Psychotherapy aims to help you safely explore feelings of grief and connect with painful feelings and memories, paving the way for resolution.  The time of grief can be very distressing, therefore it is important to find suitable coping strategies to help you ease the process. In counselling and psychotherapy, we work together in a sportive environment to understand your grief, loss or trauma, to use strategies such as relaxation, to engage in positive activities, and challenge negative thoughts, in order to combat the associated symptoms of anxiety and depression.


What is Grief?

Grief refers to a serious loss or death of someone close to you or a loss of a job, house, friendship, wealth, or health. We all experience grief and loss at some point in our lives, as it's part of our existence, however each one of us is affected by it differently. Most individuals  will eventually adjust to the loss and return to normal life, although of course carrying some sadness about the loss. Others adjust poorly to a loss and may not cope well with grief - this may lead to a greater

risks of the grieving process. 

Some of the signs indicating that you're not coping well are:

• Pushing away painful feelings or avoiding the grieving

process entirely

• Excessive avoidance of talking about or reminders of the

person who has died

• Refusal to attend the funeral

• Using distracting tasks to avoid experiencing grief,

including tasks associated with planning the funeral

• Abuse of alcohol or other drugs (including prescription)

• Increased physical complaints or illness

• Intense mood swings or isolation which do not resolve

within 1-2 months of the loss

• Ongoing neglect of self-care and responsibilities 

Grief Counselling 

Services offered by Iwona Florianowicz include: grief counselling, trauma counselling, PCT to grief, CBT, emotion-focused counselling.